1. May I call you my little gym buddy?
  2. (my Chad) and my little Nicholas to bed.
  3. It is as if I will never be there
  4. In the Market, this portrait born
  5. Stuffed to the hilt and a stones throw
  6. I am the same.
  7. Not ash on your shoulder.
  8. And the milk angel can’t dry
  9. Is ripping each Sade.
  10. Mela and mental.
  11. A briming glass of milk.

  1. And how could I ever convince him to forgive me?
  2. For his loss of control over his Own.
  3. How must he have torn, his shadow from his reflection
  4. Knowing full well I was hidden far below.
  5. Physically safe, but to be 
  6. The untruthful Subject to a fetish 
  7. Of another. A Rigor. A Rigor. A Mortis.

  1. Creation of perfection and the making of all things perfect.
  2. Stuffed to the hilt and cruelly disfigured.
  3. Golden wheat sprouting through the snow.
  4. My Blond fuzz like a mirage of sequins.