RED. (part 1)       

Red will kill himself and win. He will outsmart me  despite my greatest efforts for he was always so ever much more clever than I. Out of my reach (perhaps from the window of another’s room) his mise-en-scène's frame will have been chosen with care for the sheen of the other woman’s sapphire curtains, beside a withered and lacquered yellow nightstand. Well then: Jump! And I’m sure he will, and then he’s dead: gone from me and as far from my grasp as he ever could be. And apart from his gleeful defiance, and overly tragic comedy seen by absolutely no one, I find myself left rather bored. Only sporadic flashing smirks for his last, practically Masonic, wit stop mold from growing on my face.
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Prince 2      
A Prince! My second glance though; and this time more recognizable for what it was—a Picassoed ghost composed as it were of light and dark blue monoliths in a distant mirage. The day was blessed with no clouds but the stones remain lost. The sky lay blank between the desert of glass and concrete. (continue here)

Pietro & Charlie (part 2)      

A taciturn nod, and the motion was set unseen but from the adjacent hall came a shrill wailing combinatory whistle as the crustacean was dropped, the heavy lid closed, and the crab screamed. Or was the steam escaping. It was here that their seats faced one another, not that it had ever mattered. Speaking to Charlie in a first gesture before the evening ended, Pietro had spoke thus, for the first time, in reference to their fate and gracious host. “Will you be hungry enough to eat a fourth?” Pietro and Charlie met at this table, set with such precision as if by Oscar Wilde, humming the previous summer’s motto: before the season expired for it was Spring and the long final night was coming to a close. (continue here)

Buddy New Dandy       

Ejher Tea       

A Miami Morning      
Proposal for the New Modern Monument       

Hello everyone and thank you for coming tonight. We are really excited to present to you our proposal for the ideal modern monument, which we see as sustaining and concentrating the absence of an infinite number of desires (that we’re sure you all have). For our little monument, we’ve broken it down into eleven features that we’ll explore together as we walk through.

So. Where did the modern monument originate? Is is so profoundly unoriginal that we could have only imported it? Well, our monument of the modern city is to be imported from the greatest and most fashionable places. Just as Rockefeller assembled his Cloisters, so the monument will take the form of three-dimensional space and create a billboard large enough to draw the most inconvenienced tourists. And it is because of this that we can scientifically state that the new monument has no origins, but represents Origins generally.
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